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GuruShots is a free service for photographers who like to take photo contests (challenge).

GuruShots offers new challenges every day on different themes. You choose themes in which you feel comfortable. The challenges are in real time, which is very interesting, because it allows you to situate yourself permanently and maybe be able  to take strategic actions in order to win a challenge ... Like swap your photos in order to have more points

In less than 3 months a few weeks for my part I had the chance to pass from the title of NEWBIE to "GURU".

For having obtained it, one can truly say that it deserves. But if you follow all the challenges and post the right photos at the right time, it's really possible. For my part, the most complicated missing step was to win the first challenge.

Advice, contests with less common themes and the contest for unique people with the title you have are essential (only for beginners, only for veterans ....). There are fewer people and therefore fewer photos and therefore easier to rank in the TOP.

You want quickly that it is possible to buy "SWAP", "KEYS" and "FILLS" but with good photos and a good post strategy this is not necessary. A good photo arrives "easily" at the top. If it provokes an emotion, that it is well contrasted, that it responds perfectly to the subject .... To better attend this contest, start looking at the type of photos that work best. Be creative, do not post too simple photos ... Selective.

So, for my part… .. Why "Guru"… Why this game? It's a great way to share these photos and discover other artists and also to see how they reacted and came up with original ideas on the theme of the challenge in which you are participating ... It's really a place where can easily find new sources of inspiration… I am linked with quite a few artists thanks to this site and I am very happy with it.

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My address on Gurushots: https://gurushots.com/rikirp/photos
Exhibition in Athens (en)


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Thursday, 28 September 2023