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Le paisir du Caftan

Rafael Dorian
It was with great pleasure that I was able to take some photos for my friends Rafael Dorian in Brussels.

It was after studies in fashion design and training in high fashion that the house "Rafael Dorian" was born.

His initial passion for art has always been omnipresent, deep in his soul.
Over the years, it has become more precise in fashion, the art of pencil, drawing, silhouette, scissors, cutting ... and finally creating in its purest form.
At first, he only created evening dresses and cocktail dresses, but following a homecoming, and a first participation in the "Caftan" event in Morocco, Rafael Dorian became more and more specialized in caftan and in traditional outfits.

Of Arab and Andalusian origins, Rafael falls for gold, lace, the richness of certain colors, the sobriety and elegance of others.
"I am inspired by time, eras to create and renew.
Using pure materials such as silk, lace, velvet, I associate them with different other materials according to my inspirations.
I love the caftan, the heritage of the art of Moroccan embroidery ".

Here are a few pictures soon. The rest is to be discovered on his instagram and facebook profilehttps://www.facebook.com/rafael.dorian

My tripod and me


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Thursday, 28 September 2023