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My tripod and me

I am often looked at oddly when in the studio I use a tripod.
I am sure many of you are asking the question.

I am a fan of the tripod. It is the number 1 accessory of an artistic photographer.

I use one in the studio that has already lived well and a Vangard relatively light but reliable for my travels.
I use it systematically for stability and framing.
Outside, it is essential for the realization of my panoramic landscapes
In the studio, it allows me to correct the framing and go online

Yes frame with a tripod:
It's more concentration, fewer images will say certain. But my most beautiful images have always been made using this accessory.

It allows me to work correctly my lights and the positions and expressions of the model.
Now, it is also the essential accessory for long poses (day and night), HDR (mounting multiple photos exposed differently), lightpainting etc.

Le paisir du Caftan
​I always shoot in RAW.


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Thursday, 28 September 2023